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Vital-Aid 60 capsules

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Vital-Aid 60 capsules

The large package includes 60 capsules of super activated charcoal and integrated vitamin C that eliminate harmful substances from the body and protect cells from oxidative stress.
It is perfect for anyone who has already purchased a pendant or for those who love to travel, have stomach and bloating problems, party a lot and for those who sometimes overeat with sweets or junk food.

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The super activated charcoal has been known for its contribution to normal activity of gastrointestinal tract. Due to absorbing surface, it can bind all kinds of gasses produced during irregular digestion. Additionally, it has been shown that use of activated charcoal reduces hydrogen in the exhaled air, therefore can prevent gas from leaking into the body through the intestinal walls.
Vitamin C protects our cells from the oxidative stress produced by toxic substances and metabolites. It can remove free radicals generated during an imbalanced and inflammatory condition of the gut system.

⚫ Bloating
⚫ Cell protection (antioxidant activity)
⚫ Alcohol
⚫ Drug substances
⚫ Travels
⚫ Junk food

⚫ Active charcoal of pharmaceutical purity
⚫ 4x higher efficiency
⚫ Immediate use without dissolution
⚫ Possibility to open the capsules (for dissolution)
⚫ Does not cause constipation
⚫ Suitable for vegans /Vegan-friendly product
⚫ European product

Take two capsules at the first sign of GUT imbalance and bloating.

Vitamin C, super activated charcoal, vegetable magnesium stearate, vegetable cellulose (capsule)

NUTRITIONAL VALUE (for 2 capsules)
Vitamin C - 1100 mg
Super activated charcoal – 200 mg (equivalent to 800 mg of classic activated charcoal)

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