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  • Traveling withouth worries

    Activated charcoal is traditionally used for stomach inconveniences in foreign countries.


    The millions of bacteria in our gut produce millions of different products. Problems arise when we ingest foreign bacteria that are harmful to us. Activated charcoal can adsorb or bind to some of these bacteria by-products, e.g. poisonous gasses from bloating. Vitamin C will protect your cells from oxidative damage, caused by toxic by-products. It will also scavenge free radicals, which can also manifest in a gut imbalance.

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  • Foreign substancesMore »

    Foreign substances

    Activated charcoal and vitamin C synergistically protects the cell.


    Oxidative stress occurs whenever there is an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS). These are reactive substances, radicals and molecules with oxygen, which react with cells and potentially cause harmful damage. So oxidative stress occurs where there are increased free radicals and decreased efficacy of antioxidant systems. The main benefit of Vital-Aid is the vitamin C which works as a free radical scavenger, protects cells from oxidative damage and helps to regenerate vital antioxidants, like vitamin E.

  • Hangover nightMore »

    Hangover night

    Less side effects and more energy and vigour after a hangover.


    Drinking alcohol and eating junk food in the same evening can cause a total dysbiosis in your gut, and activated charcoal is well-known for supporting normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Vitamin C helps with regeneration of the key antioxidants, which are crucial for cleansing alcohol from the system. In addition, vitamin C protects your DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative stress, caused by alcohol by-products – aldehydes. In this way, you can face the next morning with fewer side effects and more energy.

  • Heavy stomach and bloatingMore »

    Heavy stomach and bloating

    Food that you cannot digest can cause you lots of trouble.


    Activated charcoal with its large surface area binds all kind of gasses, which can occur with undigested food in the gut. In addition, activated charcoal decreases the amount of hydrogen exhaled, which means that it prevents the leakage of gasses to the body through the gastrointestinal barrier. Vitamin C protects your cells from oxidative stress, which can be caused by gasses or burnt and junk food you ingested. So, the next time your concentration falls and you'll feel tired after a meal, try the perfect combination of Vital-Aid ingredients.




    • Pharmaceutical purity
    • 4x higher efficiency
  • Efficient and simple for useMore »

    Efficient and simple for use


    • Instant use with no need to dissolve
    • Option to open capsule
  • Ss88More »

    • Does not cause constipation
    • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for everyone in every situationMore »

    Suitable for everyone in every situation

  • Tablete83More »

    • Practical keychain travel holder for capsules
    • Always with you in any situation

    Super activated charcoal

    Vital-Aid activated charcoal is not a standard grade activated charcoal; it is the highest quality activated charcoal with a European Pharmacopea standard. It excels with a 4x higher surface area than other activated charcoals, which means it binds 4x more substances, which can cause harm to your body. The higher surface area means it is sufficient to take lower dosages compared to standard activated charcoals. Super activated charcoal acts only as an adsorbent and is excreted 100% from the body, including all the junk bound to it.
  • Why activated charcoal and vitamin C?More »

    Why activated charcoal and vitamin C?


    Integrated vitamin C

    Vital-Aid contains integrated vitamin C, which is obtained through gradual mixing of the main ingredients. Roughly 10% of the available vitamin C is bound to the carbon structure where it neutralizes bound substances. Then, roughly 80% of the vitamin C gets absorbed into the body and helps the liver to efficiently eliminate toxic substances from the body. The remaining vitamin C moves around with the activated charcoal and helps with the junk around it.


  • Dean R.

    Dean R.

    The most convenient protection from various bacteria when travelling across the world.
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  • Domen B.

    Domen B.

    Use it for my children before car traveling. The great plus is you can open the capsule and sip it to the glass of juice and easily drink it.
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  • Jane D.

    Jane D.

    Great product! It does really work! I have it always at my side when I am eating outside.
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  • Jon R.

    Jon R.

    Thank you for saving my vacation! It is a MUST for all travelers!
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  • Lea M.

    Lea M.

    I am always accompanied by Vital-Aid, which protects me from all kind of gut imbalances. I take it even to the mountains!
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  • Madelaine P.

    Madelaine P.

    Worth every penny! 100% works for food poisoning. While others had diarrhea and had to puke, I was fine.
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  • Milan S.

    Milan S.

    Have a lots of flights and meetings and this stuff is always with me, because I can't afford being sick.
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